Water Recirculation Pump Installation in West Michigan

If you’re sick of waiting for hot water, consider investing in a hot water recirculation pump. Call us today to schedule service in the Greater Grand Rapids Area.

Depending on the size of your Alto or Grand Rapids, MI home, you may wait several seconds or minutes for hot water out of the faucet. Not only is this an inconvenience, but you end up wasting a lot of water over time. Call Sheely Plumbing Inc. today to find out about a hot water recirculation system and how it can benefit you.

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Do You Need a Hot Water Recirculation Pump?

Everyone is in a hurry, which is why we hate waiting for the water to get hot. This happens because the hot water must travel a distance before it gets to your faucet. When you turn the tap off, the water doesn’t go back to the water heater but instead remains in your pipes where it stays and gets cold. The next time you’re ready for hot water, the cold water sitting in the pipes comes first. The more plumbing between your water heater and the faucet means the longer it takes to get hot water out of the tap.

A recirculating pump fixes this problem because it returns the remaining hot water to the water heater so you can have on-demand hot water as you get with a tankless system.

Types of Hot Water Recirculation Pumps

There are two primary systems from which to choose if you’re interested in a hot water circulation pump. The first system is the full recirculating pump, which uses an additional pipe for hot water integrated with your current plumbing. This pump creates a loop with the water heater and the faucet, so you get hot water almost instantly.

The second type of pump is the recirculating pump comfort system, which uses your existing cold water pipe to send water back to the water heater. To find out which system is right for your home, call us today.

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Benefits of Hot Water Recirculation Pumps

Besides the benefit of instant hot water, there are other reasons to consider installing a hot water recirculation pump in your Alto or Grand Rapids home, such as:

  • Energy savings
  • Better for the environment
  • Water savings

Even better, this system is easy to install compared to many other major appliances. In nearly every case, a hot water recirculating pump can be installed in about 20 minutes. Call Sheely Plumbing Inc. today for an appointment.

If you’re interested in a hot water recirculation system for your Alto or Grand Rapids home, call Sheely Plumbing Inc. at 616-868-2212.