Water Meter Services in West Michigan

Whether you need water meter replacement or a water meter connection, Sheely Plumbing Inc. is the company to call in the Greater Grand Rapids Area.

The average water bill remains constant from month to month; however, if you open your next statement and see the rate has gone through the roof, you’re probably scratching your head and wondering why. Sometimes the rise happens because of increased water usage, while other times, it could be a broken water meter. Sheely Plumbing Inc. provides expert water meter repair and replacement throughout Alto and the greater Grand Rapids, MI area. Give us a call if you suspect an issue with your water meter.

If you’ve noticed suddenly high water bills, call Sheely Plumbing Inc. to find out why.

Your Water Meter May Be Faulty — Here’s How to Know

The easiest way to test your water meter is by turning off your water — not shutting off the main, but ensuring there is no water usage in the house. Once all the water is off, check the meter to see if it registers water flow. If it registers water usage, it means there is likely a leak in your system.

If you’re not using any water in the house, and you’ve confirmed that you have no leaks, it could be that the meter is producing a faulty reading. To determine this, find a multi-gallon receptacle and fill it with an exact measurement of water. Check the measurement against what the meter shows to see if they’re equal. If not, you have a faulty unit and need water meter replacement.

Expert Water Meter Installation

Installing a water meter must be done correctly, or else it can cause significant property damage if it leaks. Here are some guidelines to help get you through the process.

For starters, consider the location of the service line valve. In most cases, the service valve line is placed outside at or near the property line, or a line valve installation inside the house, usually in a cellar or utility closet.

The first step is to contact the water company and ask what steps to take before installing a water meter. Next, find the water supply pipe in your home and the shutoff valve and shut off the water. The third step is to install the water meter on the inlet pipe and make sure that the arrow on the water meter points away from the municipal water inlet pipe.

The fourth step is to wrap Teflon tape around the threads of your home’s connection point and make sure the connection of the nut on the other end is tight.

Lastly, reopen the valve on the water supply line and inform the water supplier that the new meter is ready.

If you’re not handy or want to ensure the job is done right, call the professionals at Sheely Plumbing Inc. for expert water meter installation.

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Common Water Main Problems

The water main is the primary line that carries water into your house, and a blockage or break in this pipe means trouble for your entire plumbing system. The most common issue affecting main water lines are holes and cracks that develop caused by corrosion from the soil or frost.

Also, because the main water lines are under high pressure, a break causes water to flow out and up to the surface level. Water coming to the surface often finds its way into your yard or the basement.

If you’re suffering from a water line issue, call us as soon as possible to reduce the damage to your Grand Rapids or Alto, MI home.

Whether it’s a water meter replacement or a water line repair, the experts at Sheely Plumbing Inc. have the skills and experience to fix it all. Call today at 616-868-2212.