Whole Home Repiping in West Michigan

If your home is over 50 years old, you may need to replace your aging pipes before they corrode and leak. Call today for service in the Greater Grand Rapids Area.

With older homes, it’s not uncommon for the pipes to corrode and burst, which can lead to thousands of dollars in property damage. To avoid this costly expense, repiping your home is worth considering, especially if it’s over 50 years old. If you’re not sure what state your pipes are in, call us and ask about our house repiping services today.

If your water bills rise unexpectedly, it could be an unseen water leak in your Alto or Grand Rapids home that’s to blame. Check out our water leak detection service for help.

Benefits of Repiping a Home

If you suffer from frequent leaks or bursts in your pipes, they may be old and corroded. Rather than continuing to repair the old system, here are reasons to consider repiping your house.

  • Corrosion - Pipes corrode for various reasons, including their age and the quality of the materials used during construction. Replacing your aging, corroded pipes with new ones ensures your water quality is better, and you avoid bursts and leaks that can cause damage.
  • Resolve Pipe Issues - Do you notice a difference in water pressure between your hot and cold water? If so, your repipe contractor can solve these issues by replacing the old, damaged pipes.
  • Adds Value - Repiping your home adds value, which is beneficial should you wish to sell it.

Call us today and let us inspect your pipes to see if you can benefit from replacement.

How Long Do Repipe Projects Take?

Not long ago, repiping a home was a long, expensive process; however, thanks to modern technology, repiping costs a fraction of what it did back in the day.

The time it takes to repipe a home varies depending on factors such as the size of your home, the number of lines that need replacing, and the types of materials already installed.

The average repiping project is completed in three to seven days, while some smaller homes are completed in as little as two. Also, depending on the materials used, the new pipes can last 80 years and beyond.

If you’re not sure repiping your home is right for you, call us for an inspection.

If your water heater isn’t doing the job anymore, check out our hot water heater repair and replacement service.

The Repiping Process

As mentioned above, repiping a home can take anywhere from a day or two to a week. Repiping a house usually involves breaking up concrete, breaking walls, and replacing the water and drain lines. In situations where there are significant problems with the plumbing, your contractor may opt to replace the sewer line.

Unfortunately, during the repiping process, your water will be shut off, which can be an inconvenience for some.

If you think your Alto or Grand Rapids home can benefit from our repiping service, call Sheely Plumbing Inc. at 616-868-2212.