Gas Line Repair in West Michigan

You can’t afford to ignore a gas leak. Call Sheely Plumbing Inc. when you need reliable gas line services in the Greater Grand Rapids Area to ensure the safety of your family and home.

While natural gas is a relatively safe fuel source, it can be deadly if it’s not respected. If you find a gas leak in the house, it’s important to seek help immediately. At Sheely Plumbing Inc., our expert technicians have years of experience repairing and replacing gas lines and are available for gas appliance hookups too. We proudly serve Alto and the greater Grand Rapids area!

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Signs You Need Gas Line Repair

Do you need gas line repair in Alto or the greater Grand Rapids area? Here are a few signs that say that you do:

  • Foul Odor - If you have the odor of rotten eggs or sulfur in your home, it’s likely due to a gas leak. If you can’t pinpoint where the leak is coming from, you need an experienced plumber for help.
  • Hissing Sound - Another indication that you have problems with your gas line is if you notice any hissing noises coming from the line or an appliance.
  • Dying Vegetation - Plants dying in the home or outside indicate that you need a gas pipe replacement.
  • Increase in Gas Bill - If your gas bill suddenly spiked, it’s worth calling someone to inspect your gas line for possible leaks.

If you think you need an inspection of your gas line, call Sheely Plumbing Inc. today.

Do You Need a Pro to Hook Up a Gas Appliance?

Did you get a new gas appliance such as a stove or outdoor grill? If so, you might wonder if you can install it yourself, and the answer is, unfortunately, no. Here’s why:

  • Possible Gas Leaks - Improperly installing a gas appliance can lead to a gas leak, which creates a dangerous situation in the home. To ensure everyone’s safety, leave the installation to a professional
  • Possible System Damage - If you fail to connect the gas line to the appliance correctly, it can cause damage to the system, or it can lead to a malfunction.

If you have a gas appliance that requires installation in your Alto or greater Grand Rapids home, call the experts at Sheely Plumbing Inc.

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Call Us for New Gas Line Installation

A gas line problem can range from minor to severe; however, when the line leaks gas, you can’t wait on a repair. Gas leaking into the home can cause physical problems such as dizziness, fatigue, and nausea. Also, gas leaks will kill household plants and can cause appliances to malfunction.

If you suspect you have a gas leak, or if your gas lines are over 25 years old, call a professional plumber for help and ask if the lines require replacing.

Sheely Plumbing Inc. is one of the most trusted plumbers in the Alto and Grand Rapids area. Call us now for an appointment at 616-868-2212.