Kitchen Plumbing Services in West Michigan

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Many homeowners in Alto and the greater Grand Rapids area suffer from leaking and dripping faucets, especially in the kitchen. At Sheely Plumbing Inc., we offer many kitchen plumbing services to improve your kitchen’s functionality and make your time more pleasurable. Call us today to find out more.

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Reasons to Consider a Garbage Disposal

Installing a garbage disposal under the kitchen sink is an excellent alternative to putting food waste into the trash to go to a landfill. There are a few reasons to think about a garbage disposal installation if you’ve never considered it before.

  • It’s a Time Saver - Disposing of food waste via the garbage disposal is quicker than throwing it in the trash and then taking it out of the house. With meal cleanup quicker, you have more time to relax after eating.
  • Less Waste - When you use a garbage disposal, you have much less waste to throw out, which means you use fewer trash bags. Reducing the amount of waste going to a landfill is better for the environment.
  • Reduces Kitchen Odor - When you throw food waste into your trash, it begins to rot and stink up the whole house. You avoid this nasty odor when you put your food scraps into the garbage disposal.
  • Better for the Environment - When you dispose of your food waste in the garbage disposal, it means fewer greenhouse gasses emitted through waste decomposing in landfills.

To find out more, call us and let us show you the different garbage disposal models available.

Is it Time to Replace Your Kitchen Sink?

Sometimes, it’s worth replacing your kitchen sink before it develops problems like leaks and drips. Here are the reasons to consider a new kitchen sink installation.

  • It Looks Old - One of the telltale signs you need a new sink is seeing visible wear and tear, such as a chipped basin or cracks forming.
  • Constant Repairs - Another reason to consider a new kitchen sink is that you require frequent repairs because of clogs or the inability to retain water.
  • Outdated Design - Do you have a pink, green, or blue sink? While those colors were all the rage back in the 70s, they’re out of style today and make your kitchen look dated. Also, today’s sinks and faucets incorporate smart home technology that makes them more efficient and easier to use.

Do you suffer from frequently clogged toilets in your Alto or Grand Rapids home? If so, call us for our clogged toilet repair service today.

Common Garbage Disposal Repairs

Garbage disposals are popular household conveniences, but like any appliance, they wear down from continuous use and require repairs. Common problems affecting garbage disposals are:

  • Cloggs
  • Jams
  • Damage from non-food items
  • Worn out seals
  • Burned out impeller or motor

If your garbage disposal isn’t functioning as efficiently as it once did, call us and ask about our garbage disposal repair service.

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