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The longer you wait to get help in a plumbing emergency, the worse the damage can be. Call Sheely Plumbing Inc. when you need a reliable 24 hour plumber.

At Sheely Plumbing Inc., we know it's easy to panic when facing a clogged toilet, burst pipe, or failed water heater. The thought of having to wait days for help causes stress and inconvenience. That's why we offer emergency plumbing repair, so your life is restored to normal as quickly as possible.

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These Signs Say Your Water Heater Is Failing

Your water heater is like any other appliance, in that it has a finite lifespan. To avoid the inconvenience of having a water heater that fails, watch out for these signs saying you need water heater repair or a new unit.

  • Discolored Water - If the water is cloudy or rusty, it could mean that there's sediment buildup in the tank or that the tank is rusting.
  • Strange Noises - It could be caused by sediment if you hear banging or knocking sounds coming from the tank.
  • Lack of Hot Water - If you're not getting the amount of hot water you're used to, it could be an issue with the thermostat.
  • High Energy Bills - A sudden spike in energy bills could be caused by a water heater that's lost efficiency.

If you notice any of the above signs, call Sheely Plumbing Inc. in the Caledonia area and ask about our water heater services.

Our Drain Cleaning Service

If you think about what goes down the average home's drain every day, it's no wonder so many people suffer from slow and clogged drains. While most people attempt to fix clogs with plungers or chemical products, the best way to get a thorough, long-lasting drain cleaning is by hiring a professional. Here's how you can benefit from regular drain cleaning.

  • Increases Drain's Lifespan - Regular drain cleaning increases your drain's lifespan by minimizing the damage that occurs due to time and neglect.
  • Eliminates Odors - Professional drain cleaning removes the decaying food particles in the drain that give off foul odors and stink up the kitchen.
  • You Get Faster Drains - Drains become slow over time because of the buildup of muck that chokes off the pipe. Regular drain cleaning keeps your pipes free-flowing, and you'll notice faster draining as a result.
  • Prevents Future Problems - Routine drain cleaning and maintenance allows you to catch and fix small problems before they develop into big ones that are expensive to repair.

Contact us today and schedule an appointment to fix your plumbing problem.

When to Call for Emergency Plumbing Repair

We know that not every plumbing issue demands emergency attention, but sometimes, waiting isn't an option. Here are the most common reasons Caledonia residents call an emergency plumber.

  • Burst Pipes
  • Failed Water Heater
  • Clogged Toilet
  • Water in Basement
  • Gas Leak

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For quick, expert emergency plumbing in Caledonia, call Sheely Plumbing Inc. at 616-868-2212.